Support Groups

As well as our patients, St. Luke’s offers comprehensive support for carers, families and friends through various service groups, one-to-one interventions and Counselling, which provides a supporting framework of information, guidance and help. Our Carers’ Support Group is open to all family members, friends and neighbours who provide care for patients with life threatening illnesses.
The majority of people attending St. Luke’s Day Hospice or being supported by H@H or another community service are cared for in their own homes by family, friends and neighbours. This can sometimes be without any professional support from other services.

The task of caring in this way can be very demanding, leaving little time or opportunities for a break. In addition, carers are frequently unaware of benefits or support services available in the home.

Our support meetings allow carers to talk about their own needs and offer practical information and support as well as the opportunity meet other carers and share concerns and feelings, or just relax and enjoy a social evening.

There is a range of information leaflets for carers to browse as well as support to find the information that is most needed at that time. Visiting speakers are arranged together with some lighthearted activities such as crafts and social events such as a cheese and wine evening, in addition to opportunities to relax properly by experiencing a complementary therapy such as reflexology.

The group is held on the last Wednesday of each month (except December) from 7 – 9 pm, in the Day Hospice.

Arrangements can be made for a volunteer to be at home with patients or for transport provision to enable carers to attend this group.

For further information about attending the group or referring a carer to the group please telephone St. Luke’s Hospice on 01268 524973 Monday-Friday 9-5 pm and ask to speak to Day Hospice Secretary.

Bereavement Support Groups

St. Luke’s Bereavement Support Group – This group is facilitated by Dove Community Counselling Service (DCCS) and is for the newly bereaved who can access peer support and advice. Attendees are engaged in grief work as well as sharing the support of their peers within a social and safe atmosphere. A visit by our qualified staff will help you decide if the group will benefit you. Further groups may be attended by bereaved people who have spent some time in St. Luke’s Bereavement Support Group and therefore may have been bereaved for some time and now feel more able, with support, to move towards independence. The groups also facilitated by DCCS and is offered as a progression from group one, if required.

The Tomorrow Club

This self help group aims to support people who have lost partners to become more independent and take up the reins of a social life safely and with confidence. This is held in the Basildon area on the 1st Friday monthly between 2pm-4pm.

Lukes’ Counselling Service for Children and Young People

This group runs 3 times each year and is a 2 day non residential support programme offering exploration of grief through a range of experiential and interactive age relevant activities. This work is facilitated by the qualified and skilled staff and volunteers of Lukes’ Counselling Service for Children and Young People.

Lukes’ Adults Group

This group runs concurrently with the Children’s Group and allows parents, grandparents or main carers to explore their own grief while understanding the experience their child/children are undergoing and learning strategies that will best help them cope with their grief.

Brighter Horizons

This self help group aims to support people who have lost partners to become more independent and take up the reins of a social life safely and with confidence. This is held in the Grays area on the 3rd Thursday of every month between 10am and 12.

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