Carers, Patients and Families

Information for carers/patients and families

What services do St. Luke’s offer?

St. Luke’s Hospice has a wide range of services and can provide In -patient care, Day Hospice care (which includes an Outpatients Clinic), Hospice at Home, OneResponse Service , various bereavement services for both adults and children, social work services, support groups for both patients and carers, complementary therapies and much more.

How do I get referred?

Patients can refer themselves or ask a Health or Social Care professional such as a family doctor, district nurse or hospital doctor to refer them. The Hospice uses the single referral form used throughout our local network.

What should I bring with me?

When you come in to the In-patient Unit you should bring toilet articles and towels, night clothes and slippers, day clothes, shoes and coat (if required). We would like you to feel free to bring in personal items such as photographs, pictures etc. which will help you to feel at home. If you have any tablets, medicines or dressings prescribed by your own doctor it is important that you bring them with you and hand them into our nursing staff. On your first attendance at the Day Hospice you should bring all your tablets and medicines in order that the staff can check these with you and write out a medication card for you. On subsequent visits you need only bring sufficient tablets and medicines for that day.

What about visiting, can my family and friends come to see me?

Visitors are always welcome between 10.30am and 9.00pm. Visits from children are welcomed, but in the interest of all our patients, we ask that  visiting children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times and that they respect the privacy of our patients.
Every effort is made to accommodate individual family requirements on a 24 hour basis, but we would ask you to understand that there will be occasions when restrictions will need to be imposed. We endeavour to remain as flexible as possible and maintain a supportive and caring role towards your needs.

Can I be looked after in my own home?

Hospice at Home (H@H), together with OneResponse Service provides a range of nursing interventions to enable patients to remain at home or return home if that is their wish. This support is also extended to carers and families and friends. H@H also provides a Volunteer Service for patients and families in their own home, usually for a few hours at a time once or twice a week, to enable carers and relatives to take a break, go shopping or take some time out to relax.

Can I use my own mobile phone or IT equipment?

There are no restrictions on the use of  personal communication and IT devices, but we ask you to respect our patients and Hospice visitors  during their use.

Can my family pet visit ?

Family pets are welcome to visit patients and we ask you discuss this with our nursing staff in advance.

From what age can children visit?

There are no restrictions regarding children visiting the Hospice. If you feel ‘unsure’  or have any ‘concerns’ about your child visiting the Hospice please discuss with our nursing staff.



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