Community Information and Support Service

St. Luke’s Hospice has 5 specialist teams providing comprehensive, expert and integrated support and bereavement services to patients, carers and families through individual and family specific care and interventions.

Social Work Service (based at main Hospice)
Dove Community Counselling Service (based at St Luke’s House)
Lukes Counselling Service for Children and Young People (based at St Luke’s House)
Information Resource Service (based at St Luke’s House)
Youth Service (based at St Luke’s House)

The 5 services often undertake joint work ranging from client assessment and care, including support interventions, to facilitating volunteer recruitment and training.
Interventions provided in this way include:

  • Family work where this is assessed as more appropriate than individual work
  • Age specific work that is very specialised e.g. young adults
  • Where there are complex and unresolved bereavement related issues that require a joint response
  • Where the particular skills and discipline of the other two services are required to support the ‘lead’ service
  • Group programmes and interventions
  • Family therapy
  • Facilitation of Bereavement Training Course (for in-house staff)
  • Facilitation of twice yearly Bereavement Forum (for other Health and Social Care Professionals)

Individual Bereavement Support offers clients a link with a trained bereavement support volunteer who offers listening support to share and explore thoughts and feelings. This can really help people make sense of their current situation and find coping mechanisms that suit them. Bereavement support volunteers are specifically trained for their role with/in one of the three services.

Individual Counselling for Adults offers clients who may be experiencing more complicated issues or life events may be helped by seeing a qualified counsellor. Couples’ Counselling around illness and bereavement issues is also available.

Individual Counselling/Creative Therapy for Children who may need individual sessions to help them cope with illness and bereavement issues can attend sessions with a qualified counsellor and/or creative therapist.

Bereavement Support Groups a variety of groups facilitated throughout the year by qualified and experienced practitioners. Support groups are tailor made to suit the specific age and bereavement related needs of the client group within each service.

Before being offered any of the above interventions one of the service co-ordinators will visit or arrange an appointment to assess which level of help is most appropriate to each client’s needs.

Social Work Service offers assessment, emotional, social, practical and finacial support and advice to patients, families and carers.

Dove Community Counselling Service provides emotional, psychological, bereavement support and Counselling services to families and carers in the community. It can also provide relationship Counselling and family therapy following bereavement.

Lukes Counselling Service for Children and Young People offers group support for children and parents as well as individual support, Counselling and creative therapy for children.

Information Resource Service, this free service, in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, offers information and advice about health as well as specific illnesses. We work closely with local hospitals, GP’s , Community nurses and Macmillan Cancer Support helping people to link in with Social Care Services as well as helping to arrange for financial assessment.


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