Have a question?

When someone is very ill or has died you will have lots and lots of questions buzzing around in your head about all sorts of things, ITS OK TO ASK QUESTIONS….. if the grown-ups at home may be too busy to speak to you try asking your teacher at school or another grown up you trust. Sometimes we want to know answers to questions but are not sure how to ask them or you may not want to ask them because it might make the person you ask sad.
Some of them may be…………

Will the person I love get better or will they die ?

Many times people who are seriously ill do get better and everything gets back to normal. Sometimes people are ill for a very long time and gradually stop doing all the things they did before, and have to stay in bed a lot and visit hospitals and doctors. Even though all these people are trying very hard to make the person you love better sometimes they just can’t. Dying is a natural part of life. All living things – plants, animals and people die.

Can I visit the Hospice?

Yes you can – If you know someone who is a Hospice patient and they are staying here you can come whenever you want. If you would just like to look around the Hospice and find out more about us you can arrange for a visit just by asking us.

Why do I feel so bad and want to cry all the time, or not go out with friends, or talk to anyone, or feel angry ?

Don’t worry, what you are feeling is only natural. It’s your body’s way of coping with all the sad things that are happening and are making you upset. These feelings will go in time and there may be things you can do to help yourself feel better … Click here to visit our ‘Can i change how i feel’ page.

Is there someone I can talk to at the Hospice?

Yes – We have a special team of people who are able to speak to you and any members of your family. We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

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