Sponsor a Nurse

Your gift of ‘GOOD DAYS’ will be different and special for everyone.

  • A breath of fresh air in the garden
  • Making a new friend
  • Time to talk and be listened to
  • A comforting hug and lots of reassurance
  • Time for family, friends and other loved ones
  • Making cherished memories

Many patients and families find the thought of the ‘hospice’ hard to cope with.  They think of a place full of sadness, hushed and quiet, subdued voices and dim lights.

Yes, there are tears.  Sad times when people have to say good-bye for the last time.  But before that happens, we want everyone to have just as many good days as they can.

That’s why where is such an air of joy and serenity about the place.  people talk, and laugh, make friends and do things.  Children run about, tea cups clink, music plays, sometimes you can hear someone sing-along.

Our nurses know every patient really well.  They spend time together and patients feel safe and nurtured.  St. Luke’s is more than just a place, it’s a special way of caring, of listening and helping patients and their families to make the most of the time they have left.

One in every three ‘hospice days’ is paid for by donations.  People like you, who know the hospice or who have heard of it, and want to help.

Without these donations, our care could not continue and there would be no St. Luke’s for people whose lives are shorter than they should be.

‘GOOD DAYS’ are not complicated or expensive.  They are simple, thoughtful and personal to every patient.

In fact,  you could help give a ‘GOOD DAY’, every day for just £3 or £6 a month.

You could give a breath of fresh air in the garden or a chance to make a memory book or birthday cards.  It could be a trip home to see the family or a late night visit from a friend far away.

Your gift could bring a quiet chat on the phone or over tea and tissues with someone who really understand what it all means.  Or you could help give an aromatherapy session to help with nausea and anxiety, or a massage to turn stiff legs and necks into softness and relaxation.  Should you wish to make a one-off donation please click here

Your gift means that everyone in the hospice will do everything they can to give everyone a good day.

Good days should last as long as possible and they are for everyone.  Every patient and family in the hospice, every patient and family at home, and everyone who has lost someone special.

All it takes is a small monthly gift or a one-off gift that’s less expensive than the cost of a cup of coffee or a newspaper every day.

I would like to make a one-off gift

I would like to make a monthly gift 

However you make your ‘GOOD DAYS‘ gift we thank you so much for your donation and support.







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