Transition Service

Supporting young people to make the change from Child to Adult Hospice care.

The way in which care is transferred to the adult healthcare system – known as ‘Transition Care’ – is crucial to the continuing well-being of the young person and their family relationships.

For young people entering adulthood, our Transition Service enables them to move smoothly into adult care as our Transition Service supports the patient and their family to understand the changes that will take place, offering new opportunities and increased independence for the young person. Working closely with other service providers, to ensure appropriate support during the ‘transitional’ phase, enabling young people to take responsibility for their own health and make informed choices and decisions regarding their physical, emotional, social care and well-being development, in conjunction with their parents, families and care team.

Transition care planning and support can start as early as 14 years of age with the support of their established care team, to formulate a ‘transition pathway’ to the services that can be provided by St. Luke’s.

We offer a range of In-patient and supportive care services for young people aged 16+ who are living with and beyond a life limiting illness these include:-

In-patient care

Our dedicated facilities within our In-patient Unit include:

  • Jacuzzi bath & walk in shower
  • Games consoles, docking station & Wifi
  • Theme nights & takeaways
  • Accessible outside space for you to enjoy with friends & family
  • Chill out space

Day Hospice

A dedicated session, for young adults, within our Day Hospice includes:

  • Review of your condition and symptoms by a specialist nurse or doctor.
  • Art therapy (a chance to make something arty)
  • Reflexology & Massage
  • Visits from interesting speakers
  • Time & space to socialise with people your own age.

Hospice at Home

Our ‘Hospice at Home’ Team can provide trained carers to support you in your own home.

Emotional/Counselling Support

Our team of trained counsellors can offer a listening ear and help you to find ways of coping with what is happening to you. This support is also available to your family and friends. Families can be seen together to explore how the illness has affected the family unit.

Our Lukes’ counsellors for children and young people can help younger members of the family to make sense of the illness and help them express their feelings.

Youth Worker

Our Youth Worker can help support you whilst in the Hospice, at home or at school. There is a dedicated venue– Yew House, at our satellite centre at St Luke’s House in Corringham, where young people can meet or attend groups.

The Clan Club

This is a support group that meets monthly at St. Luke’s House, with the aim of providing young people, their siblings and parents with an opportunity to meet other people who have had similar experiences in a relaxed and sociable environment.

Information Resource Service

Based at St. Luke’s House in Corringham can help with any information you might need about your illness or the community services available to support you .

Complementary Therapies

Our team of trained therapists can offer a range of services that can help with relaxation and reducing stress.
These include therapies such as :
¨ Aromatherapy
¨ Indian Head Massage
¨ Reflexology
And are available for you and your immediate family members free of charge.

Social Work

Our specialist Social Worker can provide support and advice about practical issues, such as housing and social care.

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